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World Champion Dania Akeel Unveils Her Participation Plan In 2022 Dakar Rally

In a press conference with Rental Alternatives Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zahid Group

Jeddah-: The 2021 Cross Country Rally Al-Baha Champion announced that she is technically ready for her first official participation in the Dakar World Rally, which will be held in the Kingdom from January 1 to 14, 2022. This declared in a press conference held by Akeel in the presence of her Uruguayan assistant, Sergio Lafonte, and Mr. Khaled Kamal, General Manager of “Rental Alternatives Equipment Co., Ltd”, a subsidiary of Zahid Group, the Al-Baha Rally’s official sponsor, in addition to representatives from the sponsoring companies including UMA, Tamer Group and Mobil 1 Oil, along with PR Arabia, the media partner, and a group of press and social media reps.

Dania shed light on her latest preparations for this big national mission, as one of the ambitious female drivers representing the Kingdom. She also revealed the vehicle that she will participate with, classified in the T3 class of “Can Am Maverick X3” category.

Mr. Bariq Siraj, Vice President for the Group Affairs, stated that the group is concerned with the role played by Saudi women in the community in general and in Zahid Group in particular, shedding light on the Group’s efforts in empowering women in many fields. With regard to sports, Siraj stressed the importance of sponsoring women’s programs in the Kingdom, he also expressed his proudness to supporting the ambitions of Dania.

He added that Dakar Rally is a good opportunity for the world to enjoy the beauty of the Kingdom’s nature in a welcoming atmosphere that embraces hospitality. He expressed his pride in their previous sponsorship of the participants in this tough competition, and their sponsorship this year of the Saudi and world champion Dania Aqeel, to help her take motorsports in the Kingdom to further global horizons.

For her part, Dania Aqeel expressed her appreciation to the Ministry of Sports represented by the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation headed by Prince Khalid bin Sultan Al-Abdullah Al-Faisal for their unlimited support, in addition to the support of the national companies and their cooperative input to the success of such an important partaking, namely Zahid Group. In her speech delivered at the conference, Dania said: “My participation in Dakar Rally is an essential step to enhance my experience in the world of rallies. Achieving participation is not a challenging issue as long as there is passion and will. I participated in this competition to prove myself. I herein express my appreciation to those who supported me to take this crucial step. In particular, His Royal Highness, Minister of Sports, Prince Abdul Aziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, and His Highness the President of the Federation and the national companies who supported me under the banner of my beloved country.


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