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AWP, Aerial work platform, are specialized machines that aid in the constructions, maintenance and repair of all buildings as well as other types of structures. They have an enclosed platform attached to a lifting mechanism that elevate workers and their tools to the desired height to preform work safely and efficiently. JLG produced those models to substitute scaffolding with a high-tech solution to minimize onsite incidents. Using manlifts makes it easier and safer to reach areas inaccessible by ladders. Those machines can be used in warehouses and distribution centres, retail stores, construction sites and building exteriors.

Aerial work platform encompass several categories, each of which contains a variety of machine types. Below are some types of JLG AWP.


These lifts feature a movable arm, known as a boom, with basket attached to the end of the boom to carry operators and lift them to their desired working height . The two types are:

· Telescopic: These manlifts consist of telescopic boom that can extend in the desired direction. This type of boom ideal for work that requires extended horizontal and vertical outreach. They can be used for outdoor applications such as construction sites and airports.

· Articulating: An articulating boom lift includes multiple joints that enable the arm to move around obstacles. Typical applications include power line repairs, tree trimming tasks and internal building maintenance.


A scissor lift is a railed platform that rests atop crisscrossed metal supports which is responsible for the lifting function. although they have less platform height than boom lifts — maximum 53 feet, all scissor lifts come with a competitive platform capacity to accommodate heavier loads of people and tools. The Two Types of scissor lifts are :

· Electric scissor lifts: These lifts do not require combustible fuel to operate and produce low noise levels, making them ideal for indoor applications.

· Engine powered scissor lift: are chosen for applications that require more workspace and more lifting capacity. RT Series  provide a larger work area and generally higher load capacities than boom lifts. Both deliver exceptional terrainability and gradeability, making it easier to maneuver through the roughest job sites.



These man lifts typically accommodate one worker and have a platform capacity of 350 pounds. They work well for applications such as reaching higher shelves or order picking slots in warehouses. Like scissor lifts, most vertical personnel lifts move in a straight up and down direction.


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