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The Transformation of EJAR CAT Rental Store

In an effort to better serve the needs of customers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ejar CAT Rental Stores is transforming itself in a manner that will allow the company to stay at the forefront of customer service and meeting the needs of each customer.

Khaled Kamal, Ejar's General Manager stated, "Ejar is determined to not just react to current market conditions but to look ahead to where the company needs to go. The current Ejar blueprint is an ongoing, evolving one as the company looks to stretch the limits of what a rental company can offer to its customers."

To maintain Ejar's leadership in the Saudi market and the strategy's execution, Operations Manager, Ali AlHajj added, "One of the key points needed for the transformation and the growth is comprehensively meeting customer expectations and defining the processes needed to improve in our ability to meet and surpass those expectation. It sounds simple enough, but as a basic rule of business, (ignored and glossed over by many companies), is understanding customers' concerns and priorities better than one's competition does and meeting them more completely. A recent conducted customer survey gave us

a detailed understanding on customer needs and requirements, and Ejar is adapting based on its analysis of the feedback received."

This is where Caterpillar's Rental Services Excellence Program comes in. It enables organizational improvements and challenges dealers to take their services up to the next level. The Rental Services Excellence Program is extremely rigorous and reviews all aspects of the SURGE business model:

1- Separate The Organization & Instill A Service Culture

2- Uncover New Customers

3- Reshape Fleet & Grow Allied

4- Grow Customer Coverage Physical & Digital

5- Excel At Service & Operations

EJAR is proud to have maintained the GOLD status within Caterpillar's Rental Services

Excellence Program for the third consecutive year (2019, 2020, 2021).

At Ejar we are committed to leading the way and tailor-making our solutions to meet the needs of our customers. The transformation is an ongoing process with the positive results being "felt" by our customers on a daily basis.


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