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Ejar Sponsor Mishal Al-Ghonim

Ejar is proud to announce the sponsorship of the Saudi champion Mishal Alghonim at the Saudi Dakar Rally 2023 in its fourth editions.

Mishal Al-Gonim started riding at the age of 7 and has not stopped since, but the motorcycle aficionado moved up a scale when he decided to ride professionally.

He participated in Dakar 2023 and joined qualifying rallies, which he didn't completed because of his injury. And after less than three weeks after the Dakar Rally, Saudi Arabia hosted the first Baja of the 2023 season in Hail and Mishal won the fifth place.

“I’ve always looked for a challenge in my life and motorbikes gave me the adrenaline kick that I’ve always sought,” he said. “I’ve been told by many that I have a wild soul; motorbikes and being off-road is one way to express myself.”


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