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EJAR offers Rental, Used and New (RUN) solutions

EJAR, a Zahid Group company, provides safe, reliable, and modern equipment for various industries, including construction, industrial manufacturing, food& beverage, mining, oil& gas and event.

EJAR’s presence within Zahid Group enables diversification, capitalizes on market demand, leverages expertise and enhances the group’s overall capabilities. It allows Zahid Group to offer a comprehensive range of services and further strengthen its position in the industries it serves.

Because EJAR offers Rental, Used and New (RUN) solutions through its wide branch network throughout Saudi Arabia, quick delivery to job sites, diversified equipment selection, flexible payment options and committed customer assistance, all add to its appeal. EJAR also guarantees its RUN solutions to have real time availability, competitive rates, fast booking, secured payment platforms, efficient contract and invoice management, local experience and a quality offering that makes it a dependable and easy alternative for customers in need of equipment for their projects.


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