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Choose Cat® electric forklifts to optimize your operational efficiency and reduce carbon footprint

Cat® Lift Trucks offers a total of other six electric counterbalance ranges to help you transitioning to battery driven equipment. But, why would you switch from diesel or petrol to electric forklifts?

When looking at operational efficiency, cost optimization and meeting with the increasing customer’s requirements to reduce their business’ carbon footprint, it is natural to look at the possibilities that electric forklifts offer. Your Cat® dealer in the Middle East and Africa can specify with you, the best truck for your jobsite.

For those applications that can go electric, a key benefit looking at business’ operations in the long run, is the savings in the total cost of operation. This is achieved largely through lower maintenance needs and easier servicing.

The amount of advantage you gain from moving to electric lift trucks will depend on the quality of the trucks you choose. The durability and performance of our electric forklifts portfolio is proven. We highlight the versatile Cat® EP10-35(L)CB range for being particularly popular in Middle East and Africa.

Within this range of nine models, the Cat EP25CB with 2.5 tonnes capacity and a 48V battery, is especially successful as it can do the job where others require a more expensive 80V battery.

This energy-efficient range is equipped with a host of ergonomic and safety features which allow drivers to work confidently and quickly optimizing the efficiency of your materials handling operations. The EP-CB range offers optional features for more specialised applications and extremely harsh environments which can help to decide when transitioning to electrics.

Next to the EP-CB-range, Cat Lift Trucks offers other five electric counterbalance ranges, along with a comprehensive warehouse truck line-up and unbeatable sales and aftersales product support.

Building on decades of experience in the electric forklifts, both Cat Lift Trucks and its dealer network in the Middle East and Africa are well prepared to assist customers who are ready to make the change to electric forklifts.

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