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Dania Akeel Wins FIA Cross Country World Cup!

Dania Akeel won the World Cup for the T3 Desert Baja Rally after scoring fourth place in the Italian Baja in the eighth round of the championship. Dania is now considered the first Saudi and Arab woman to win the T3 World Cup for Cross Country Rallies (Al-Baha T3). In line with its continued commitment to supporting Dania Akeel’s motor sporting ambitions, EJAR sponsored Dania’s participation in the recent FIA Cross Country World Cup. Prior to this win, EJAR also sponsored Dania’s participation in the Hungarian Baja, Jordan Baja and the Sharqiyah Baja, which were her first official races. Dania is now preparing to participate in the 2022 Dakar World Rally which is expected to be held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Well done Dania!


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